"What good is tomorrow without a guarantee?"

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

War and Peace
Men of all ages going to war,Blowing off heads with blood and gore,Kids crying, fathers dying,Stench of gun smoke,Dead bodies,Children continuing their crying,Tanks crushing,Smashing through walls,Losing lives of all kinds,Fear of losing,Being shot in the leg,Going to an ambulance right away. Having fallen friends,Family dying.
Being happy,Having fun,Playing with fathers,Coming back,Telling family about the war,Having a great time,Missing family that doesn't come back,Crying because of this.War is not a good thing,

Torpedoes thrusting, sinking ships;We fight for justice!We fire guns at evil; We cure those on our side.We do this for justice!The enemies are no different.We will triumph over evil.We do it for justice,For we are the Peace Keepers!Snipers shooting here and there.We are fighting for peace.We die in honor, our forces attacking,The booming and the crackling,Bombs falling into cities.But the war will end; I know it will.But the sight of death,Brings a shudder of darkness into our soul.But we are doing it; We are evil ourselves.
The roar of laughter, The booming of horns,Everyone is cheering.There is no war, there is peace.The battlefield is quiet;The children are playing.We build on our land.We go here; we go there; everyone is happy.We no longer risk our lives,For we are the Peace Keepers!


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